Sunday, April 1, 2007

Moscow Nights

Night Life in Moscow is much more enjoyfull, attractive and lively then Istanbul and Turkey. The clubs usually get crowdy about 12 oclock at midnight and night continues upto 6 oclock in the morning. In some clubs Turkish people can have problems to go in, beacuse in these clubs Turkish people have a bad image for the Securit. How much you try to tell the security about yourself there is no return from his first decision. In 2-3 minutes he decides to take you in or not and thats the decision.

In moscow night, does not matter which club you go you can see any Turkish men. At every club we meet at least 10 Turkish guys. What to say, seeing that much Turkish is not very nice:) Also the quality of some of these people is low and that makes Turkish image bad.

The clubs I prefer in Moscow: Club Fabrique, Karma, Hard Rock Cafe, B2, Club Che... The comments about these clubs will be in the next post..

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