Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St. Petersburg

St.Peterburg, different form other Russian cities has european architechture and calm, modern life. The city of the 'Peter the Great' is really touristic, with large number of sightseeing places and beautiful nature. By the canals covering the city, the city gets the name of 'Veneize of the north'. These canals give the city feel of romantism and freedom.

The main and famous street of St.Petersburg is Nevsky Prospekt. Named by the old general Nevsky, who is one of the founders of St. Petersburg in 1400 s. You can find many restaurants, shops, cafes on this street. Also there are some restaurant, bars ath th streets crossing the main street. I have tried some Italian restaurants which have delicous pizza ad pasta, and compared with Moscow prices, the prices are cheaper.

The list of places to see can be find on internet or on some small touristics books more detailly, so i dont mention them here. It would take time like 4-5 days to see these all these places. I would suggest to go in spring or summer, where the wheather would be better. Also there are 2-4 hour bus tours of the city where you can see different parts and sightseeing places of the city in a fast way. Also a boat tour on the canals should be done to feel the St. Peterbourg soul. Every part of the city has some historical and architecthrually well designed buildings. There are houses of famous writers, palaces of famous Russian tsars an tsaritsinas. Seeing so much nice buildings, you fell being impressed and think how all this city and buildings can be designed such fascinatingly.
After seeing the St.Petersburg, I understood that the real place to see by the tourists in Russia is not the Moscow but St. Petersburg. And If you come to Moscow, you should also have a small St.Peterburg trip.

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