Friday, December 5, 2008

How to rent a flat in Moscow?

Renting a flat is a general problem in Moscow. Its hard to find a good house with the specifications in your mind, with a good house owner. Specially knowing little Russian, its a hard thing to do yourself where most of the agents and house owners do not know English.

To rent a flat, you need to find some agent phone numbers from your friends and colleagues. There are some Russian agents even knowing Turkish. In Russia, usually flat owners has his/her agent and the renter has his/her own agent. When the flat is found, 1 months renting price is given to these two agents as commision also. Usually flat owners want a one month price as deposit as well. So when doing contrat, three months renting money should be with you.

The flats in Russia is mostly rented with furnitures, so you don't need to buy or have many things for a new home. Also in Moscow, the flats are rented very fastly. In one week you should search detailly and rent the house you like' directly. Other day this flat can be already rented.
On the internet a popular flat searching site is :

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