Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gus-Hrustalniy is a small city nearly 230 km far from Moscow, located in north-east part of Moscow, which can be reached with 3-4 hour trip by car. It is located near Gus river and famous with its crystal factory. The name of the city also means as 'crystal goose' in English. It is a very calm, not developed small Russian town. Mostly houses are small village houses or 5 floor Stalin type old Russian buildings.

People in the town are usually old Russians or people who preferred to have a calm, small village life. The economic situation of the town is not very well, which can be seen from the general view of the town. It is surrounded by huge Russia forests and have a nice nature.

Not a touristic city, but with its crystal factory and to buy special crystal presents can be given a small stop while travelling through, if its on your route.

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