Monday, April 13, 2009

What to do in Moscow

As a tourist or foreigner coming to Moscow or Russia, you should have a to do list in mind. As living nearly three years in Moscow, from my experiences and likes i would advice you my to do list.

1. See Red Square, Kreml and St.Vasily's Cathedral : These places reflect the heart of Moscow, in which you can see in all TV news which tell about Moscow.

2. Walk in Arbat and Tverskaya Streets : These are the two most famous and touristic streets of Moscow, where you can find many restaurants, cafes and souveiner shops. Different then Russia, you can feel yourself in a European environment.

3. See Cathedrals And Churchs : I can offer you Novodevichy Monastary, Cathedral of Saviour.

4. See Museums :
Most famous museums are Pushkin Museum and Tretikovskaya Galeria.

5. See Moscow Clubs And Bars : Moscow is one of the best cities in the world in night life (maybe the best). You can find many clubs, bars on different preferences, luxury, with crowdy young people waiting in queues to enter these clubs. I can offer Club Fabrique, Club Opera, Most, Rai, Paris, Papa John's, Karma, B2, Hard Rock Cafe.

6. See And Make Walk in Parks
: Moscow is also famous with its parks. The famous and nice parks are; VDNH, Park Pabedi, Tsaritsano, Gorki Park, Kolomenskoe, Alexandrovski Sad.

7. See Vorabievy Gory and Moscow State University : This place located on high hills of Moscow has a nice view of Moscow.

8. See Striptease Club :
If you are man and would like to see how such places are, Moscow has many alternatives about it. Some of them are : Bordo, Safari, 911, Rasputin, Night Flight.

9. Go to Casino
: Moscow is also famous with its casinos. You can go and play with 100 dollars, where all drinks, alcohol and others are free inside. I can offer Casino Arbat, at new Arbat Street.

10. Go to Circus:
Russian circuses are also famous in the world. There is two big circuses in Moscow. You can easily buy tickets, which is not much expensive and see the 2 hour show.

11. Try Russian Food and Kitchen :
Famous Russian foods are borch soup, pelmeni, harcho soup, sashlik, salo, selyodka

12. Make a Boat Tour at Moscow River : These boat tours start near Kievskaya Metro station and boat travels nearly 2 hours on the Moscow River.

13. Eat Sushi :
If you are interested in sushi or have not tried it yet, Moscow is the right place to try it. There is plenty of alternative restaurants for sushi.

14. See Moscow Zoopark:
If you have enough time and the weather is nice, you can visit the Moscow zoo Park

15. Try Russian Sauna:
Sauna is traditional thing for Russians. In city you can find and rent a sauna room for a few hours. Hot room and after that cold water pool makes you feel stronger and relax.

16. See Moscow Metro:
Every station is designed differently and has own history. Specially the ones in the center are very nice.

17. Go to Balshoy Theater :
You can see opera, balet and plays there. You can feel the Russian culture better.

Of course everybody's likes changes and there are other things to do, but if you do and see these things i can say, you have done the best and most of the things in Moscow as a tourist ;)

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