Saturday, August 15, 2009

Russian Sauna

Suana has an important place in Russian culture to relax, have nice time with friends and for health. Private sauna saloons can be found on different regions of Moscow. Also some dachas (Russian summer houses), most sport/fitness centers, hotels have their own saunas. Made wooden inside, burning coal in the corner of the room, with a room temperature of nearly 100 Celsius degrees makes you hot, wet and healthy. Even in winter, some Russians prefer to go to street while snow falling to get the health and that refreshment. Also drinking beer, wine or tea at table near sauna is a must part of this culture.

All around Moscow, you can find many saunas located at different regions with a simple search on the internet. But you have to be carefull about choosing a good, clean and quality sauna. Because some saunas perform other purposes for men to have a few hours fun. In some saunas there are even catalog of girls, erotic cd etc. options. And some of them are located at hidden places under apartments, where nothing can be otherstood there is a sauna from the street at all. I have met with such a place while my search, and quickly exited by saying thanks.

Finding a good sauna saloon, you can rent the sauna place for a few hours for 2 people or with a friend group of 4-6 people together. In the sauna saloons there are usually: the sauna, cold water pool, bedroom, tv/music system, table for eating, shower, dressing part and billiard. It is relaxing and healthy activity. After staying 10 minutes in hot room and becoming wet, diving into cold icy water makes you fresh and strong. Having nice time with friends, you forget the daily problems and become relaxed as well.

This activity should be in your list for Moscow to be done once in every 3-4 months. But don't forget to find a good and clean sauna...


Geo said...

sounds like sauna would be a great experience in Russia!

thanks for sharing!


Anton said...

Yep, Russian banya is the best!

J.J.Johnson AKA J-cubed said...

I don't know exactly what you would consider my sauna as. It is an Infrared Sauna. It has a CD/FM stereo. It's one of my favorite places to hang out.