Thursday, October 8, 2009

Che: Hasta Siempre (Museum House)

Last weekend, with one of my Russian friend's advice I visited the exhibition “Che: Hasta Siempre” at the Dom Nashokina gallery. I knew from my observations that Latin culture is loved in Moscow, so I thought it would be nice to see such a museum.

The museum is a small house with two floors and 6-7 rooms. On rooms walls some great, classic images of revolutionary Che Guevara and his tovarischi is shown. The photographs in the exhibition include original images, modern prints and photos taken by the man himself. And while these are the main draw, there was also documentary video footage, personal letters and other unique items from Che’s revolutionary years on display.

Actually since the house was small, it took not much, like 40 minutes to see all the house, and I was expecting to see more interesting things, personal belongings of Che but unfortunately mostly photographs and paintings were exhibited. Anyway, it was interesting to see and understand Che's life and story. “Che: Hasta Siempre” can be especially interesting for those interested in history and socialism.

Che is so loved and popular in Moscow even there is a popular club called: Che Club.

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Radu said...

Hasta la victoria siempre!:)
Best wishes!