Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Park Pobedy - Moscow's Victory Park

Victory park, is one of the main parks in Moscow, located on Kutuzevski Prospekt at the west part of Moscow, not far from the center (metro Park Pobedy). It is build and designed as a monument park for the time of Great Patriotic War. It also contains history museum of second world war, which is an interesting place to see and feel these times of war.

The park is the main area for celebrations in Moscow for victory day, other patriotic national days. Concerts are given, music played as well as other activities. Also it is one of the main places for wedding coupes to have a walk and take nice pictures.

In the park, there are walking paths, some lakes, green area; as well you can see many roller skatig people since it has large plain area. Also some old helicopters, tanks related with the second world war is located in some parts of the park for exhibition; like an open air museum.

I can say this park is one of the top 5 parks of Moscow, and with its central location, close to metro, can be seen as a touristic activity as well.

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Ulas Ergin said...

yes! it is a great place to visit