Sunday, March 29, 2009


Vladimir is one of the cities in golden ring of Russia, which is located nearly 200 kms east of Moscow. By a car trip from Moscow you can reach there in nearly 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic. It is famous with its old history, churches. A small city with one main street, one central square.

There is not much things to do in the city, but you can spend a nice weekend, by staying there one night. In the town after asking to people and searching i can advice you the places Dejve restaurant, Orion hotel; to see the main street, city center and churchs part, main shopping center.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gus-Hrustalniy is a small city nearly 230 km far from Moscow, located in north-east part of Moscow, which can be reached with 3-4 hour trip by car. It is located near Gus river and famous with its crystal factory. The name of the city also means as 'crystal goose' in English. It is a very calm, not developed small Russian town. Mostly houses are small village houses or 5 floor Stalin type old Russian buildings.

People in the town are usually old Russians or people who preferred to have a calm, small village life. The economic situation of the town is not very well, which can be seen from the general view of the town. It is surrounded by huge Russia forests and have a nice nature.

Not a touristic city, but with its crystal factory and to buy special crystal presents can be given a small stop while travelling through, if its on your route.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sushi in Moscow

Sushi is one of the most popular foods in Moscow where you can find nearly every where: sushi restaurants, markets, shopping centers...The prices also are not expensive compared to Moscow standard prices of food. Usually these restaurants are set of restaurants located near different metro stations of Moscow.

As a person first time trying sushi in Moscow I didnt like it much at first time. But after going a few times you get to use and even like it. Now once a month I try to get to some sushi restaurant. In these restaurants, you can also find some chicken, meat, sea food as alternative. My favorites are california and tuna maki, green tea.

My preferences of sushi restaırants in Moscow in order are Tanuki, Yakitoria, Planeta Sushi, Yaposha Mama.

If you come to Moscow you should try sushi...

Tokat Restaurant - Moscow

One of the restaurants I was hearing for long time but hadn't been was Tokat Restaurant in Moscow. Some people were saying it was so good, others not a place to go at all. A few weeks ago I find the change to visit there with my friends. Compared to other Turkish restaurants in Moscow, it has a real feeling of a Turkish restaurant at side streets of Aksaray, Taksim; where nearly all clients are Turkish...In the restaurant Turkish league footbal mathes are shown from television. It is nearly full at match days. As a fan of Besiktas, I went to watch my team's match with Trabzonspor. But I was shocked to see that like %90 people watching the match was fans of Trabzonspor, even some of them with special Trabzonspor tshirts. I guess these people were mostly related with construction business who came form Trabzon.

The taste of food is similar to done in Turkey. Mercimek corbasi, adana kebap and coban salata were the most similar taste of Turkeys, comparing with other Turkish restaurants in Moscow. The prices are also cheap.

The atmosphere is man dominant and not nicely designed. The people coming there are mostly classical workers, middle business men in Moscow. You can hear slang words and Turkish style joking in the restaurant. Some days in restaurant they play live turkish music and songs.

It is located at metro Komsomolskaya, at the parallel street back of Kazanskiy Vakzal. Need to see sometimes for food and watching matches...