Thursday, May 7, 2009

Car Break in Moscow

Moscow can be dangerous is different ways, which i experienced as break of my car glass for robbery of navigator this week. Before this happened, i was not thinking much about such things can happen to me and believing my house's region is secure.

At the day of event, after coming from work I couldn't find any free parking place and cannot as usual park my car to the front part of the apartment. So i turned to back of the apartments which i was not preferring because of dark and calmness of the place; but there was not much other choice. In the morning like 11 i looked from the window and saw there was a paper on my cars front glass. I thought it was an advertisement, but there was no on other cars. Some bad ideas came to my mind but car was there and looking normal. After 3-4 hours later I get out and saw the polices telephone was written; then saw the right glass of my car was broken. I had made a big mistake and left my navigator in a seen place. It was stoled. But they didnt took the sun glasses and parfumes or others document in the car. I called police, and then the procedures and time taking steps took place.

Of course such thing happens in many big cities, and now i understand my people specially pay for secured parking places. The lessons from this in Moscow:

1) Dont leave any thing seenable at car such as navigator, box, coat etc...
2) Dont leave the car in a dark or calm place.
3) Put a small lighting unreal alarm or real alarm which my maybe afraid robbers.
4) Buy your car from an offical agent of the car brad(mine is major moscow, thanks) which may do the repairement in fast and organized way in such necessary cases.