Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting Things in Russia - I (Public Cases)

There are things that might come different, strange or not understandable as a Turkish in Russia and Moscow. A few months ago I saw such a list prepared by a Turkish man in Turkish. It was interesting. Now my list comes, having some similar strangeness of Russia.

You can see white boxes located on streets which perform as public Toilet System. They are very unhygenic, smelling and for two small toilet cabins a Russian woman is waiting to take money. Even though, on some toilets can be queue of 10-20 people: beer.

- Russian troleybus system, which is not understandable in a country where petrol is produced and so cheap. Also they broke in the middle of the road, driver Russian women trying to repair it.

- As a driver of bus, troleybus or train you can mostly see women.

- Berbers for men and women is the same and moslty women cut your hairs.

- Instead of normal small shops you see small buffets which look very old, untidy located on streets.

- Fruits are sold in small metal bufets also, where people buy one-two of each, where everything is so expensive.

-You can see old "jiguli"s and luxury Bentleys' going on road together. Large variety of cars from very poor to very luxury.

- There is very little official taxi. You can make auto stop and every car can be your taxi.

- How much taxi will cost depend on your talking and knowledge of prices. Same road can be 10 dollars or 80 dollars.

- You see many nice Russian girls on street but very very little handsome Russian man.

- People drink beer everywhere, specially at exit of metros, like public beer cafes.

- Beer is like cola is Russia. Some people start day by drinking beer in the morning.

- Roads are large, which can be like 5-6 parallel going, but anyway traffic happens.

- Traffic can stop or flow so slowly for an unknown reason and everybody waits in patience without giving any reaction. After some kilometers it can opens suddenly and you don't understand why was all this traffic for.

- So much small accidents happens and even for very small hitting car drivers can wait the police for hours in patience.

- Soviet houses are large and very long block of flats, where 150-200 flat can be in one block.

- Entry of houses are with a strange entry door to the building, where if you hare foreigner you may have difficulty to understand it is the entrance.

- You enter the houses with some codes and up to your home you have to open 5 doors.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Russian Sauna

Suana has an important place in Russian culture to relax, have nice time with friends and for health. Private sauna saloons can be found on different regions of Moscow. Also some dachas (Russian summer houses), most sport/fitness centers, hotels have their own saunas. Made wooden inside, burning coal in the corner of the room, with a room temperature of nearly 100 Celsius degrees makes you hot, wet and healthy. Even in winter, some Russians prefer to go to street while snow falling to get the health and that refreshment. Also drinking beer, wine or tea at table near sauna is a must part of this culture.

All around Moscow, you can find many saunas located at different regions with a simple search on the internet. But you have to be carefull about choosing a good, clean and quality sauna. Because some saunas perform other purposes for men to have a few hours fun. In some saunas there are even catalog of girls, erotic cd etc. options. And some of them are located at hidden places under apartments, where nothing can be otherstood there is a sauna from the street at all. I have met with such a place while my search, and quickly exited by saying thanks.

Finding a good sauna saloon, you can rent the sauna place for a few hours for 2 people or with a friend group of 4-6 people together. In the sauna saloons there are usually: the sauna, cold water pool, bedroom, tv/music system, table for eating, shower, dressing part and billiard. It is relaxing and healthy activity. After staying 10 minutes in hot room and becoming wet, diving into cold icy water makes you fresh and strong. Having nice time with friends, you forget the daily problems and become relaxed as well.

This activity should be in your list for Moscow to be done once in every 3-4 months. But don't forget to find a good and clean sauna...

Kva-Kva Aquapark in Moscow

One of the nice summer activities you can do in Moscow, similar to beaches is aquapark. There is one aquapark in Moscow named as "Kva-Kva" located at north of the city, on Yaroslavski Shosse not far from cith center.

It is a closed place, not so large as special aquaparks in Kusadasi, Bodrum or Antalya in Turkey. Mostly young people or families with children go there. Also sauna, spa, massage options are available according to your choice. You can stay there all day or buy a 2 hour ticket. 2 hours was enough for me actually. I advice to see that place at least one time also, you can have a few hours nice time there.

In summer, saturday nigths there are special parties as well. A club concept is formed inside the aquapark, where djs, dancing place, lights and music is prepeared in the park. While swimming and having fun, you can have a club enviroment at the same time. Parties starting at 23 upto morning. Different and nice time you can have for a saturday night.