Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wikiforextr - Forex Information Sharing in Turkish

Although this news is not related with Mosocw and Russia, I wanted to share it in my blog.

We, two friends, formed a web site for sharing information, news and knowledge about forex in Turkish. We decided to create such a site after seeing that there was really no good, easy to use and functional forex site in web. Hope it will be useful for Turkish who is interested in forex.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moscow International Book Fair -2010

This weekend there was a book fair in Moscow at VDNH exhibition center. I had been before in VDNH park, but I was never been in exhibition part. The excibition center are really large and well desinged for such organizations. At different saloons, which are called as 'pavillon', there were different fairs such as book, flowers etc..

The book fair was really big and interesting. Different book publishers and books from different countries took place in this fair. Also it was possible to see some famous people and writer giving interviews or signing their books.

I had seen two Turkish book stands there. One showing classical, cultural or tourism related Turkish books. Other one was the religion books, of the group 'Harun Yahya' which supports the theory of being againest Darwin. All their religional books and videos were in Russian. Actually I didn't expect these people to be this much active in Russia.

In general, it was interesting to see books from all over the world and being in such an international crowdy organization. Form time to time, it seems I have to follow such organizations and fairs in Moscow.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Russian Film : Aleksei Balabanov's Voyna (War)

I watched this film last week by chance on TV. I didn't know about it before and from start it seem to be interesting. Film tells about an interesting story with well describing scenes of war between Russia and Chechnya.

The subject of film is the war in Chechnya. The hostage-taking drama of some English and Russian people, and the struggle of them to run away from Chechens. The film is interesting to understand the conditions in Chechnya, real Russian life style. How rude Chechens can be, hard life there and Russian military life.

I can say this is one of the best Russian films I watched, that effected me. After this film, I have a different image of Russia on my mind about Caucasus. I suggest to watch this film who is interested in Russia.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year in Moscow - 2010

Again a new year past, wellcoming 2010. In TV s as usual Moscow and celebrations in Red Square with fireworks was one of the musts and classics were shown. Having spent two new years before this one in Moscow, this time I was glad to be somewhere else.

If you are in Moscow, I dont advice to go to red square to watch celebrations because its so crowdy and most probably you wont find chance to enter to the req square. You can after walk on Tverskaya street where some local small concerts are given at different sides of the road. But again you need to be carefull, some drunk people who try to dance and shout around you meet. Alternatively people make celebrations at restaurants or clubs which cost like 100-200 dollars per person.
After new year, returning to Moscow, 2010 started with a horrible cold. Now city is calm and people usually resting at their homes or out of Moscow.

With my best wishes, for a good and happy new year for all of us.