Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moscow International Book Fair -2010

This weekend there was a book fair in Moscow at VDNH exhibition center. I had been before in VDNH park, but I was never been in exhibition part. The excibition center are really large and well desinged for such organizations. At different saloons, which are called as 'pavillon', there were different fairs such as book, flowers etc..

The book fair was really big and interesting. Different book publishers and books from different countries took place in this fair. Also it was possible to see some famous people and writer giving interviews or signing their books.

I had seen two Turkish book stands there. One showing classical, cultural or tourism related Turkish books. Other one was the religion books, of the group 'Harun Yahya' which supports the theory of being againest Darwin. All their religional books and videos were in Russian. Actually I didn't expect these people to be this much active in Russia.

In general, it was interesting to see books from all over the world and being in such an international crowdy organization. Form time to time, it seems I have to follow such organizations and fairs in Moscow.

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