Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moscow Beaches

After living two summers in Moscow, finally I have discovered the beaches in Moscow. It was hard before to imagine a beach in a city far away from the sea; but there was. And they were quite fine according to Russian standards. After visiting these beaches I was regretfull not to come these places much before.

The beaches in Moscow are usually located near rivers or lakes, where some sand is put to the coast or a green area mixed with sand is formed. It is possible to play volleyball, do other sport activites as well. The concept is to lay down under the sun, rest and have a sun burn. In some beaches, water can be defined as clean and possible to swim, but i wasn't brave yet enough to swim.

The beaches I can offer to you is serebrenniy dvor(1,2,3,4) and rublevo plaj. These places are very crowdy in weekends and it would be better idea to go in the morning to have a good place and not to stuck in traffic. So "moscow beaches" is must to do Moscow activity in summers for me since then...

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Ulas Ergin said...

this titles deserve more photos:)