Friday, November 7, 2008

Club Famous Moscow

Last week i had a change to go to Club Famous in Moscow. Before i didnt heard or read about this club, but by the party my fitness club enjoy, i find the opportunity to see it.

Classifying moscow clubs as low, middle, high level in quality, prices, people, face control etc.. i can definitely say that the club is at high category. At the enrty of the club there is a strict face and dress control. There big man in blacks waiting you friendly at the door...

Th interior design is a large hall, where tables and lounges are located aroud the main are. it is kind of two floor place where there are balconies and coaches located at the sides. It the middle as a second floor, like a podium which shows done, singers make live performance, dj cabinet.

The music is club music and atmosphere is energetic, nice girls and boys in fashion, with people dancing on different sides freely. The shows in the club are really well prepared. At the night i was there' 5-6 blonde russian girls made a dance and singing show (all may be claasifed as model catergory:)). After them two different singers made a live performance. The prices are a little expensive. For example calian was 4000 rub (150 dollars), which is quite expensive..

The most interesting cene i met at the exit of club at night. 4 taxis were wainting for clients. 3 porche cayenne and one maybach. This should be the 'Russian Luxury', i felt.

If you like high quality clubbing, you can try this place sometimes.


sallreen said...

The design of the Club was taken from the popular "From Dusk Till Dawn" movie and all design, accessories here were handly made by members of the Club. The bike center of "Night Wolfs" was opened for Russian and foreign motorcyclists. The Roof. The Roof is on fire, was a rap club classic in the 80s, often copied and reworked. What was a hit once became reality in Moscow.

Zafer said...

Zafer said...

club of all times