Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moscow Blog from a Turks Perspective

Living nearly two years in Moscow, i have decided to change the format and information in my blog. From now on, i will try to share my observations, experiences, ideas and the things i like / i do not like about Moscow, Russia and Russian life.

One of the most diffuculties in starting a new life in Moscow was not having a guide front of me, limited informations. Where to go, where to live better, how to solve your daily problems, which restaurant, parks, cafes, cinemas i can go etc. Although web is full of information sometimes its better to have a small rodamap, advicer with you..

Hope this blog will be a small roadmap for new comer foreigners, specially to Turkish people coming to Moscow. Even though every experience is a persons own treasury, sharing such information is usefull i believe.

Any comments about it are welcome...

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