Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to go to St. Petersburg from Moscow

This weekend i had a three day trip for sightseeing to St. Petersburg with my friend. To go to St. Petersburg you have three options: train, plane or car. The most convenient way is going with a train, where you will get to train station easily in Moscow and would be able to sleep all night in train so will be rested when you reach to St. Petersburg.

You can buy train tickets from agencies at different parts of the city with some commision or directly from the train station. St. Petersburg trains gets off from Leningradski Vakzal which is located at Metro Komsomolskaya.There are different trains which gets off nearly every 30 minutes from Moscow at night. Two options for vagons are having a coupe with four people in a closed room or in a open vagon. Both of them are sleeping, but coupes are a little more comfortable, where less people and quite to sleep. Price of coupes are nearly twice as plascards. If money is not some concern for you i would advice you to go with coupe, but plascard is also comfortable, no worry. St

When you reach there the taxi drivers would understand that you are a tourist and would say high prices. dont directly accept and say some less price. The city is not so large and distances are not much.

There are different hotels where you can find on internet, but i can advice you Azimut Hotel which is not very far from center, big one and comparely cheap to other hotels.

In general travel to St. Peterburg from Moscow and returning back is very easy and you can do it without any afraids in mind. Also St. Peterburg is a quite and secure city as i observed. So have a nice trip...

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