Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkish Restaurants in Moscow

As a Turkish person who is devoted to delicious food, specially Turkish kitchen, its the main problem to find good Turkish resturants in Moscow. The list below is all restaurants i know in Moscow, in the order i like the foods there.

  • Pasha Resturant : the restaurant has a nice internal design, with quality service and delicous food. Especially mercimek soup, i would advice you to try. The only disadvantage is that the location of the restaurant is far from the city center and the prices are a little expensive. For one person like 700-1000 rubles. Metro: Preobrajenskaya Ploshad.
  • Bosphorus Restaurant : located in enterance of old Arbat street, has a large menu of Turkish foods. In the base floor you can also watch Turkish leauge or uefa matches. Has good mezes. Suitable for to take your guests, with nice internal design also. One person price 500-800 rub.
  • Sikidim Restaurant: located in shopping center Atrium near Novokuznetskaya metro. The food is similar to home made food, where you can choose your food, looking to daily prepared foods. The portions are large and you will feel fed after your meal. Only the internal design and place of the restaurant is a disadvantage. Price for one person 500-800 rub.
  • Kebap House : Located in old Arbat, prepares all kind of kebaps.The kebaps are not very delicious and internal design is classical Turkish Kebap house. The place is easy to go and have a kebap. Can be tired sometimes. Prices 400-600 rub.
  • Kebap House in shopping centers : Can be found specially on old Ramstores and new Auchans at the food court; Sevastopolskaya, Kiveskaya Evropeski, Universitet ramstore... For to get Turkish taste, you can try mercimek corbasi, lahmacun, adana durum and ayran. Also a few house meals are serviced. Price for a meal would be 250-500 rub.


Moskova Güncesi said...

İngilizce gramer ve yazım hatalarını düzeltiniz sayın yazar. Biraz daha özen lütfen. Ayrıca bence Arbat Kebab Haus'un kebabı Bosfordan daha kalite

talam2muka said...

Are all these restaurant halal?