Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Learn Russian

The most hardest part starting life in Moscow would be the language. Most of the people, specially if they are over 30 would not know English. So in any case you would need to learn Russian. Upto learning basic Russian at least, you would not feel yourself comfortable. So i advice you to focus on this and try to learn the first parts as fast as you can. Otherwise you would regret not learning Russian in time. Be sure you would need it.

The first hardness of learning Russian is the Cryillic alphabet. I would firstly advice to repeat and memorize the mapping of letters with latin alphabet. In one week you would be able to memorize it.

Firstly try to memorize the basic phrases and words such as good morning, hello, my name is.. with 100-200 basic daily words such as water, street etc.

There are plenty of different Russian books for Foreginers which may be in English, in Turkish or purely in Russian. You can find them in the big book stores in Moscow. I would advice to buy 4-5 good books. First book should be the serial lessons books 1,2,3 like payehali. Other one should be a short story book with some vocabulary at back or on everypage. Other one can be some other basic book, a mixed one. And also you should have a dictionary.

The main point is making as much as repats as you can. Everyday, maybe before sleep you can read and repeat 30 minutes. Also it would be beneficial to follow some cources, which provides you to follow a schedule. otherwise you could just on daily hurry, leave the language learning to to later, where later never comes.

In six months you will get the basic Russian, but dont forget that when you dont repeat your Russian will get worser. Also try to talk with people, just dont be afraid. But it doesnt matter how good you speak, the old seller lady at the magazine would not understand you and get angry when you want 'bez gaza vada' (water) even after two years had passed. But just try to make practice as much as you can, as well as basing on it good gramatically book studies...

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